Electrical Estimating Service Pricing

Electrical Estimating Service Pricing by Quote:

Electrical estimating service pricing by quote requires you to send us the plans and specs either via the contact page found here or email.  Once we’ve received and reviewed the plans and specs we will send you a quote back to the email address provided.  Please keep in mind there is no charge to review a project.

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Pricing by Package of Hours:

You can also purchase chunks of hours in packages.  By buying packages of hours you can use those hours for estimating and/or consulting on a single project or multiple projects.  If you are interested in purchasing a package of hours, refer to the table below and find which package you think would best suit your needs.

Package NameHours
Package #1 20
Package #2 40
Package #3 80
Package #4 120
Package #5 160
Package #6 200
Package #7 240

Payment Options:

Estimating Solutions uses Square, a third-party credit card processing service.

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